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Shifa Medical Trust.
Shifa Medical Trust.
Shifa Medical Trust.
Shifa Medical Trust.
Shifa Medical Trust.


a. Profile

Shifa Medical Trust was founded in the year of 2013 on 19th day of August, founder Haji. N Kathiyameera has registered as charitable trust by name “ SHIFA MEDICAL TRUST” and registered under section 42 of Indian stamp act 2260 of 2013 and registered in document No : 198/2013 book IV at sub-registrar office Pallavaram at Chennai.

Area Operation of the Trust:

Shifa Medical Trust will be operated in any where in India.

b. Our Philosophy

Shifa Medical Trust was founded in the year of 2013 with a main objective of giving free medical services to the poor and needy people irrespective of caste and creads. We are also supplying all basic medicines at free of cost and diagnosing B.P level, Random sugar test and etc...

c. People

The trust consists of founder and managing trustee and seven other trustees as follows.

1. Haji. N. Kathiyameera, B.Sc., B.L
Founder and Managing Trustee.
Cell:98406 15465.

2. Haji. M Mohamed Jaffer
Secretary & Trustee.
Cell: 94445 42581.

3. Haji F Sheikmathrali B.A.,
Trustee. Cell:94448 79204

4. Haji. A Nainar Mohamed M.A.., B.L.
Legal Advisor / Trustee
Cell:94421 43377

5. Haji. M Shamsudeen – Bharakath
Store - Trustee. Cell:94447 34973

6. Janab Er. L Mohamed Hanifa B,E.,
Trustee. Cell:94441 61724

7. Haji S Ahmed Shadiq
Trustee. Cell:95661 24500

8. Haji M Y Sirajuddin, B, Com
Trustee. Cell:97909 15680

d. Doctors

General Medicine: Dr. Praveena Nagarajan M.B.B.S